Are you tired of being constantly broke as a college student? Are you stretching yourself thin working one or more part-time jobs on top of your already full work load?
Never work a part-time job again- all you need is a couple hours a week to make more than you ever did at your part-time jobs(s). Gain back your freedom.
     Want to make more money in less time than ever doing jobs you're actually passionate about? If you want to stop stressing about money as a student and want more free time for school and yourself, then this ebook+ workbook is the first step.
       This easy to read ebook + workbook will help you figure out how to make maximum money on the side without having to get part-time jobs- it'll be a challenge not to find at least one idea in "How to Side Hustle in College" that will make you easy money weekly in ways you're passionate about! There's so many ways you can accomplish this and make a great deal doing it with minimal effort! And that's what this ebook is for.

 Along with the ebook that has workbook questions as you go, there's also worksheets to help you budget your financial aid, keep track of your spending, track your hustles, a master list of student discounts, and more!
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  What is "How to Side Hustle in College"?

        "How to Side Hustle in College" is an ebook and workbook I created to help students figure out how to make money on the side without having to get full part time jobs.  In this ebook, you’ll learn about how you don’t have to have a part-time job. “How to Side Hustle in College” will teach you.. well, all about the “Side Hustle”. Learn what it means to side hustle, and a huge number of ways to do it in minimal hours per week, with your passions, for more money than you’d ever make part time (well, up to $6600+ per month, to be exact).

So it's an ebook?

     Well, slightly. Not only is “How to Side Hustle in College” an ebook, but also an interactive workbook with questions as you read to help you figure out how to make these side hustles for you, countless articles to help you figure out how to master these side hustles, and printables to help you apply them.

Do I get anything else?

      Why, yes! I wouldn't just leave you with an ebook and workbook! Along with the ebook and workbook, there are extra worksheets to help you budget, keep track of your financial aid, spending and income, etc- as well as time management tips on how to balance these side hustles with the rest of your college life! And- there's the ultimate student discount list as well, something usually only kept for my newsletter subscribers!

How much does this cost exactly? 

      With all the knowledge and time put in (and the fact that when you apply this knowledge, you can earn back that $10 and more immediately), I set the price at $10!
"College and working can be a difficult balancing act that many students, understandably, do not want to do. Courtney makes it easier with a list of different "side hustles" so you can manage yourself and where your time goes in her new ebook "How to Side Hustle in College". She even includes helpful sheets to keep bringing in the money. A must read for any college student looking for some extra cash!"
"I can't even begin to list all the benefits of side hustling in college. From experience you can add on your resume to saving money so you can start adulthood without drowning in debt, there are literally dozens of reasons why you should do some type of work while in college. Courtney mentions SO many different side hustle options that you literally have no excuse for not trying at least one!"
"Do you struggle with paying tuition? Wish you could have a job but can’t find the time? Courtney's “How to Side Hustle in College" gives tons of awesome not-so-time-consuming ways that you can make money in college even when you’re busy!"
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